Project Paris Updates

January 30, 2018

Hi all !

Very quick update today since things are moving along swimmingly on site.

First up, the big change today is that most of the big pieces of furniture are gone. This is great for two reasons, one, workers can finally spread out and not have to work around it, and two, it’s a giving me more and more of an idea of the final space, so it’s really helpful !

So I went by yesterday to move out the furniture and took a few pictures of last week’s progress :

It’s empty (-ish… baby steps…), yay !

The biggest “progress” for this week is that kitchen was almost completely ripped out. Honestly this feels great because I think the cabinets were from the first ever generation of Ikea. Fair warning, there’s not much natural light in there and the power is off, so these pictures straight up suck ! Plus it’s pretty small so it’s not easy to photograph… A triple threat !

This is the only real one I could get.

And finally the guys started installing the railings for the “false” ceiling. Basically all the electricity needs to be rewired because it’s not up to code anymore. The walls being concrete, the contractor proposed we just lower the ceiling a bit and allow all the cables to go over them instead. It’s easier access if needed and will save a lot of time and noise in the process. So these rails will go all over the apartment, and once every outlet and pendant placement is decided on (we’ll do that this saturday), they’ll set up the cables and put the ceilings up.

Obviously I’m getting ahead of myself and this won’t happen right away, but at least that’s the process !

There a little more demolition to come before we start building back up to a pretty new home, but the most exciting is coming soon. In a mere two weeks, we’re changing the bay windows. Awww yeah ! I’m super excited about this because the current ones are an eyesore, the blinds barely work and the doors don’t lock anymore. The new ones will have electric blinds and they’ll be just … perfect. It’s wrong to be this excited about windows, I know…

I’ll keep you guys posted if any other big changes come in before then !

Have a great week !


Project Paris Makeover

January 23, 2018

Hiya !!

Well … it has been a while ! Woooh !
If you look at the last post, it was all the way back in October – which seems crazy to me now -, when the work was supposed to start on this new project. First of all my apologies ! Things got postponed a bit due to issues with the building, but I’m happy to say we’ve officially started and I’m back to share the progress (after some major camera snafus last week, because life can never be simple!!)

While I was waiting on the go-ahead for the work to begin, life kept me super busy and unfortunately that meant neglecting you lovely people. Althouuuuugh if you followed me on Instagram you’d know the reason I was so busy is I got a fantastic and exciting new job at Havenly, the e-design platform, and we wouldn’t be in this mess ! Just kidding, I know you already do.
Except you Linda. I see you. If there’s anyone else, come on, hop over there and follow me, m’kay ?
I’ve worked with wonderful clients and made some pretty, pretty rooms come to life and it’s been a total blast so far !

(Shameless plug time : If you guys are interested in working with me you can follow this link and enter my promo code MARIEL for 25% off on your first room !)
Here’s a little peak at the kind of projects I’ve done so far :

These rooms are all different and reflective of each client’s particular style, but I always try to infuse a little of my craziness in there, and I’ve been getting clients who are super open to it which is very fun !
I’ll keep showing you guys my client work while the project moves forward if you’re curious, since I’m juggling both !

Alright, enough of this international bragging, let’s get back to Paris.

Last time I took you through a tour of the place, and a quick look at my plans for the redesign.
Well we’ve officially started demolition, which is my favourite thing ever – as a person, I’m unable to get angry in life so I like to watch things get destroyed, it’s a totally sane outlet. Right?

So as a reminder, this is the entryway, for which I have big plans, namely a luxurious and dreamy walk-in closet type thing! The workers took out the existing built-in structure that had sliding doors, and we’re going to create a L-shaped open closet, with curtains, instead… Now you see it, now you don’t !

This new design will bring in a more thought-out space for smart storage and really fill the space more, visually.

On the other side, we have the bathroom which is actually the most annoying piece of the puzzle and the room demanding the most work. The tiles were pink and the layout was less than perfect, so first up : getting rid of the evidence ! (One side is on hold until a meeting tomorrow – more red tape !)

And the workers also took out … half a wall ! What !?

This just makes me happy.

So basically we’re going with atelier-style steel french doors everywhere in the apartment, to have a nod to industrial vibes throughout the space. So for the bathroom my contractor suggested we create a sliding door that goes into the wall, which is better for privacy since it closes all the way, and that means we have to make a whole new wall !
I almost wanna leave it like this… So inviting ;D

Demolition wise, we stayed within the confines of the entryway-bathroom side for now, because a lot of the big furniture pieces are getting picked up next Monday, so we have to wait it out.
Tomorrow the kitchen is getting ripped up and later on this week, the electricity is going to be set up along the ceiling. So far the living room is a mess… Can’t wait for these big pieces to go so we can get started on this side !

Alright so these are the long overdue updates on the apartment makeover !!

I’ll swing back on site at the end of the week, and hopefully with no technical difficulties this time, make sure to have new pics for you guys next Monday !
I’m going to start buying the furniture and tweaking last minute stuff so I’ll have plenty more to document along the way.
We’re going from complete halt to full speed on this project, so keep you eyes peeled !
Follow along on Facebook so you don’t miss an update, and on Insta for inspiration and fun stuff!
See you next week !

Inspiration Makeovers

New Project !

October 9, 2017

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long absence but I’ve been working non-stop on an exciting new project !

Before I get into it, let’s do a little recap of the past few months : Mathieu’s living room makeover got a lot of attention over the summer and was featured in ApartmentTherapy (yay!!), so we’re working on the sequel, the bathroom makeover, which should be just as awesome! I’ve also been working on little projects here and there, celebrated the site’s 1 year anniversary, re-did my logo, and last month I was featured on the Art&Design Rugs blog for a fun little interview ! All very exciting stuff.

But most of my time has been spent on this big new project : I’m redoing an entire apartment in Paris !

Whaaaaaat ?!

So, backstory, this is my adorable grandfather’s apartment from when he used to work in the city. After he moved to a small town, he kept the apartment to be used when he or any family member came to Paris. It hasn’t been used more than once a month for years, so finally we decided, as a family, to re-do it and rent it out long term.

So it’s half-makeover, and half-home-staging !

The apartment is in pretty good shape since it hasn’t been used that much, so it’s more about updating the look, and giving it a pretty, modern new life. Thankfully it’s got lots of light, and heaps of potential, so I have a lot to work with.

Here’s what we’re looking at :

The apartment is about 470 sq. ft. and pretty well spaced-out. (This version shows a wall between the bedroom and living room, that isn’t there currently, more on that below…)

When you enter, double-doors separate the living room from a small-ish entryway.

The entryway is long but not too narrow, and leads to the bathroom. This couch is the one I’ll use for the makeover, a much more modern look indeed !

In the middle of the entryway: a great dressing room area with lots of potential !

The bathroom is pretty poorly thought-out and veeeery outdated, so most of the changes are going to happen here… Goodbye ugly tiles, and useless bidet !

The living room is in great shape though which will make my job a lot easier ! We just really need to replace that carpet with some pretty wood floors.

There’s room for both a living room and a small dining area here.

The biggest change here is we’re going to close off the bedroom, and create a peaceful, uncluttered room. We’re also keeping the bed since it’s pretty recent.

The kitchen is small but there is a lot of potential, with better planning we can add a lot of storage, which is essential here.

Like I said, the bathroom will need some major renovation, but for the rest, I’ll be using some decorating magic to transform this place into an elegant Parisian apartment with some serious hotel vibes.

I’m even keeping the kitchen tiles, which are still in perfect condition. Their color in the current space makes for a very outdated look, but instead of fighting it, I’m choosing to adjust the style of the whole apartment to it, adding touches of yellow in the other rooms, and within a more modern vibe with industrial touches, it’ll find its footing.

So, here’s a look at my plans for the space :

This is my basic inspiration for the project. I have big plans for each room, but there are 5 of them, so I can’t put it all in one post of the internet will break !! But stay tuned as I go room by room in the next weeks.

There’s a lot of work to do before I can serve up the eye-candy, I’ve got to sell all the existing antique furniture before we can start tearing down the existing kitchen furniture, the bathroom, and building the bedroom wall, new kitchen and dressing room ! And then it’s onto the fun part : painting, new floors, and accessorising 🙂

The project is starting this week and we’ve got until around Christmas so this should keep us real busy ! I’ll be bring you some news every week, so for today : here’s the selection of textures and colors !

I’m obsessed with this palette… Can’t wait to see this come to life !

Have a great week everyone !

Finished Projects Makeovers

Project Mathieu : An Elegant Bachelor Pad in Paris

July 24, 2017

Hi everyone !

I’m so happy this day is finally here : it’s the reveal of Mathieu’s apartment, totally finished !

You can watch the  SLIDESHOW above first – if you’re a rebel,
or follow along this little recap from start to finish before you come back to check it out (if you’re new or maybe you just forgot!)

You can also look up the tag « Mathieu » if you want to read all the posts in their entirety.

When we started, the space was separated by a half-wall and unused sliding door.
This was the living room side, painted red at the time (with some classic college-age Ikea seating!)

And this was the kitchen side, because of the not-so-great layout, we hadn’t changed anything in there since he moved in.
One of the main reasons we wanted to break the wall, was to unlock the kitchen’s potential.

The only wall that mattered before I came along : where the magic happens !

So we tore down the sliding door wall, and opened up the whole space.

Next, we got rid of these sad little kitchen appliances.

And with a mix of brand new Ikea cabinets, pretty appliances, and a lot of hand-made tricks to keep the cost down, we managed to create a functional and sleek new kitchen, and as a bonus, move the video projector a few feet back !

To separate the kitchen area from the living room, we added a very large bar, that also allowed for rows of drawers under it, adding more kitchen storage.
We used a place holder Ikea counter top at first.

And then added a gorgeous piece of wood – that used to be our grandfather’s work station – as the final countertop.
While we were doing the kitchen, we repainted the whole room, saying goodbye to red, and using a mix of sophisticated grey hues instead.

The last piece was the screen wall, where we decided to add some color instead of going for grey.

So when all of this work was finished, all that was left was replacing some of the living room furniture. Thankfully we didn’t have to replace everything, since Mathieu had made his own furniture. But once the space was repainted and elegant, the old brown couch and 10$ Ikea tables were looking very out of place.

Thankfully Mathieu wanted to change them as much as I did, and it lit a fire under his butt : before long he had bought a new couch, a reproduction Eames lounger, and had made his own coffee table to fit his needs ! (More clients like this please !!)
The Eames lounger has been his dream for a long time, and I never thought I’d see it in the space this fast, but I’m so glad because it rounds out the style perfectly (and he spends all his time in it!).

It’s a more grown-up, cohesive, and inviting space, closer to his 30-year old self, than his college-student red living room.
We’ve updated the space, but did so without changing the feel of the room : it’s made for watching movies, and reading a book in the lounger while music fills the apartment. Except now there’s a place to cook and eat properly, and a better layout to have people over.

Mathieu is very happy and at home in this new space, and I didn’t even have to put leopard anywhere in the room. Total win-win !

I did bully him into adding some accessories, like candles and throw pillows …

Which he pretended to hate it but wouldn’t let me take them back to the store. I still can’t convince him to buy a rug though…

Go check out the gallery slideshow at the top of the post, if you haven’t already, to see more pictures of the finished room !

Guys, I had so much fun doing this project, it’s a total departure from my usual over-the-top style, but with a client who knows what he wants, it was a breeze, and I’m so incredibly happy with the result !! I hope you like it too, let me know in the comments 🙂

Alright, that’s a wrap on Mathieu!