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November 2016


Project Mathieu – Progress

Hello all ! As promised today we are moving on to “during” pictures ! There’s been a lot of progress so I’ll be spacing them out over several posts, so check back in at the end of the week. We’ve been working our butts…

November 28, 2016

Project Mathieu – Game Plan

Hi everyone ! Today I can finally share with you the plans for Mathieu’s living room and kitchen ! Things are moving super fast over there so I’ll have plenty to share in the next posts, but I had to stop and remember that,…

November 21, 2016
My Home

Styling the Breakfast Nook

Woo ! Sorry guys I am running really late with this post, today has been crazy-pants ! We’re super busy over at Mathieu’s place so I can’t give you an update just yet, (even though I’m dying to !!!). I’m finishing up the moodboards…

November 18, 2016

Project Mathieu – Tearing Down the Wall

As you know this month is all about the makeover of my brother’s living room/ kitchen. And this weekend was the first and funnest part : tearing down the wall ! Since I mostly work with small budgets and renters, I don’t get to…

November 14, 2016