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At Home Makeovers

The Last White Space – Built-in Shelves

Hey y’all ! So today I’m doing a post to bring you behind the curtain and share something I’m totally stuck on. Prepare for a terrifying journey inside my braaaaiiiin ! Revealing my finished Beetlejuice walls was a major high and the feedback has…

April 18, 2017
At Home Makeovers

Entryway – Walls are done !

Hey peeps ! Okay so, last you saw me I was getting ready for my « super easy washi tape Pinterest-inspired project, like oh my god so easy you guys ». Muahahaha. How life laughed at me. Meanwhile, in the real world, money and time intervened big…

April 10, 2017
At Home Makeovers

Desk Makeover

Hey guys ! So as promised last week, today I’m revealing some progress for my desk makeover ! A few weeks back I happened upon this gorgeous 60’s desk ! You may have spotted it on some other pictures in the meantime. I loved…

March 13, 2017